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Feb 14
Happy V-Day

Happy V-Day

Feb 01

Slots and Claw Machines and Arcades →


Every once in a while I dive into a new hobby to see what I can learn, and hop out after a few purchases. Right now it’s arcade cabinets - I got a couple, one was cheap and the other was on my wish list since I was old enough to ride a bike. (Well, capable - it was like 12 or 13.)

Last weekend my…

Oct 31

Happy Halloween!

Aug 12
"The One Who Knocks."  In honor of Breaking Bads glorious return last night, I present hot neon mess Walter White.  Enjoy.

"The One Who Knocks."  In honor of Breaking Bads glorious return last night, I present hot neon mess Walter White.  Enjoy.

Jun 30
Dennis Draws turned 1 today!  Thanks to everyone out there who’s read, reblogged and favorited the random shit I post on here.  You are all awesome.

Dennis Draws turned 1 today!  Thanks to everyone out there who’s read, reblogged and favorited the random shit I post on here.  You are all awesome.

Jun 22

My Version Of World War Z

So I saw histories biggest budget zompocalypse this weekend, and while I enjoyed the spectacle of it all, I couldn’t help but think that a few things could have been differently.  Now I’m certainly not saying that World War Z is a bad film, I just feel like if it had been put in more capable hands it could have truly been a masterpiece.  Below are the changes I would have made.  Once again, I’m not saying they’re perfect, or the right call, simply what I would have done different.

1:  A big problem I have with the actual film is the fact that the zompocalypse seems to hit every major city at the exact same time.  To combat this, the opening credits sequence showing newscasts from around the world should have built up into news of  zombies already spreading across Europe and Asia.  A CNN newsman warns that the situation is growing dire, and that while the disease has yet to spread to America, it may be only a matter of time before it does.  “The world,” he warns, “is at war.”  WORLD WAR Z appears on screen, accompanied by a thunderous fucking klaxon.

2:  We cut to Brad Pitt in bed with his hot wife.  His kids jump on him and he laughs, the scene progressing just as it did in the film.  As they head downstairs Pitt receives a call.  It’s his friend at the UN, begging him to come back to work and help solve the crisis, but Pit refuses, saying that he can’t abandon his family.  Pitt doesn’t believe the disease will actually spread to the USA.  (He’s not very bright.)

3:  We go now to one of the biggest and most obvious changes to the story-  As Pitt and family are running to the roof of the Newark apartment building, his wife and daughters need to fucking die.  Their death should be sudden and grisly, with Pitt being dragged away by the soldiers onto the helicopter, tears in his eyes.  This sets up real stakes for our main character, real trauma, and proves to the audience that the threat is real and any character can die at any time.  (The tiny Mexican kid can still live.)

4:  With his family now safely tucked away in the large intestines of a pack of zombies Pitt has nothing to lose, and grudgingly agrees to help with the search for patient zero.  He does this partly out of a desire for some kind of revenge, but mostly because he has a death wish.  He is a broken man.  After smashing some shit in his room, and generally going ape shit, the little Mexican kid walks into the room and hugs him.  Pit holds the kid against his chest and cries, because he’s all full of emotions and junk.

5:  As we land in South Korea, where the virus has had more time to spread, why can’t we get some of the extra mutated super zombies that video games have been giving us for years?  I want to see a fucking army tank take on a ten foot tall, four armed, green skinned zombie god-beast, and I want it in this movie.

6:  Gore.  It goes without saying that this movie should absolutely be full of  it.  Blood by the gallons, head-sploding, and plenty of severed limbs.  When the zombies attack it needs to feel HORRIFYING.  You should be absolutely repulsed by what they’ve become.

7:  The scene is Israel was actually great.  No complaints there.

8:  OK, so we’re on the plane now, and Pitt’s lopped off the soldier girls hand.  (It goes without saying that we actually watch him do it in this version, and it sprays blood like fucking Alex Murphy in Robocop.)  Pitt redirects the plane and confesses to the soldier girl that he has a theory on how to defeat the zombies.  She tells him that he’s crazy and that she doesn’t think it will work.  Suddenly the plane breaks out with zombies and crashes, only this time we pull a fucking Janet Leigh in Psycho and Pitt fucking dies 2/3rds of the way through the movie while saving soldier girls life.  With his last breath he begs her to bring his theory to (Dr.)WHO.  

9:  The relative safety of the Navy flotilla really bothered me in the actual film, as it completely pulled the audience out of the apocalyptic, nowhere is safe headspace.  With Pitt’s useless family already dead, now we just need to deal with the military.  Following Pitt’s death we cut to a shot of the flotilla, and the generals looking gravely at some computer projection of casualties.  The camera pulls back and pans down through the water, revealing thousands of zombies marching across the bottom of the sea.  They see the anchor to the ship and begin to climb up it, pulling themselves onto the deck of the ship where all hell breaks loose.  We watch as the ship explodes in a fiery ball of fire and goes down.  The message to the audience is clear.  No where is safe.

10:  We cut back to Wales.  Soldier girl is chased by a pack of rabid zombie dogs, leading to an epic battle.  She stumbles through the abandoned city streets, eventually wandering into a zoo filled with monstrous zombie animals.  Following a first of it’s kind human-zombie lion-knife fight, our one handed heroine soldiers on, at last locating WHO.

11:  Things at WHO go much the same way as they did in the actual movie, the only difference being that there’s no Brad Pitt, and instead we’ve got a badass, unconventional female heroine with a hook for a hand.  (I‘m sorry, did I not mention that she fashioned a hook onto her hand?  Because she totally did.)  

12:  Another change: Being injected with a deadly disease doesn’t keep the zombies from attacking you, if our hero’s can’t be attacked then there’s no threat in a sequel, instead, being infected with another disease prevents you from turning if a zombie bites you.

13:  The last scene of the film.  The camera pans across a ruined and desolate Paris, eventually landing on phalanx of soldiers, armed to the teeth with mini guns, and led by the Israeli soldier girl.  She gives a big, inspirational speech about how this is our world and we’re gonna take it back.  She says that this is a war, and that humanity must come together as one to win it.  Soldier girl finishes her speech, puts on a pair of sunglasses CSI style and utters the line, “Now let’s blow the heads off some mother-fuckers.”  The camera pulls back and we watch as thousands of soldiers clash against thousands of zombies.  Once again, the title WORLD WAR Z flashes across the screen.

Jun 17
Apr 24

12 STEPS To Letting Go

Step 1: Forgive yourself for fucking up, forgive yourself for the mistakes you made and the broken bones.  You cannot change the past.

Step 2: Do everything you always said you would.  Spit in the face of what scares you, make your lies into truth, stop lying, get out there, get hurt, tell the world to fuck off.

Step 3: Throw away the past.  Pictures, souveneirs, sex tapes, throw it all away and start fresh.  Try not to still be reminded by everything and everyone else you see.

Step 4: Travel.  Save up your money and go as far away as you can.  Wake up in New Orleans, fall asleep in Paris, blackout in the back alleys of Montreal, wipe the past from your mind as you experience everything new for the first time.  Keep the ghost at bay.  Keep the disease from killing you.

Step 5:  Accept that there’s nothing you can do about your dreams.  Accept that you will wake up thinking about the past, the images of your dreams still burned into your eyes no matter where you run to.

Step 6:  Forgive yourself for your dreams.  Forgive yourself for everything.

Step 7:  Put the bottle down.  She’s too good a swimmer for you to drown her in vodka.

Step 8:  You don’t love her anymore, you don’t care, she means nothing.

Step 9:  You barely remember her name, she means nothing.

Step 10:  Fuck until you’re numb, she means nothing.  You are stronger for your past, you are better than your ghosts.  You are better than your disease.  She means nothing.

Step 11:  Hope to God you never see her again.

Step 12:  See her again and realize that half of you is still in love.  That half of you is tearing apart, that half of you refuses to let go.  Cut yourself in two, and smother the screaming half of your soul.  Let go.  Force yourself to let go, no matter how much it hurts.  You are not defined by her ghost, you are not your disease, you are letting go.  No matter how much it hurts,  No matter how much you still love her.  Accept that you are not your disease, that OCD can kiss your ass, kiss your ass, kiss your ass.  Take your medication, forget her face and let go.  Accept that half of you will always be in love.  Accept that for a little while longer she will still mean everything. 

Go back to step 1. And try again.

Mar 30

Some custom figures I made for a contest on Episode 7 Star Wars characters.  Had alot of fun making these guys.

Mar 03
Feb 13
Pen and marker.  2013.  Dennis Badeau

Pen and marker.  2013.  Dennis Badeau

Jan 31
This is a drawing I did.  Ta-da!
Haven’t posted in SO long.  Work and travel have been insane lately, but I’ll try to post artwork as time permits.  Off topic question…  Anyone else excited for the new Star Wars black line?

This is a drawing I did.  Ta-da!

Haven’t posted in SO long.  Work and travel have been insane lately, but I’ll try to post artwork as time permits.  Off topic question…  Anyone else excited for the new Star Wars black line?

Nov 18
Nov 09
Nov 06
Crayon and charcoal.  ”High Fashion.”  Dennis Badeau, 2012

Crayon and charcoal.  ”High Fashion.”  Dennis Badeau, 2012